“I recall days long past, when certain folk took events into their own hands and shaped the world ’round them. They saw things needing doing, and claimed for themselves the right to do them. That is how heroes are made, and those were the first Kings of men.”

So begins The Kingdom of Eros campaign. After creating worlds for various rules sets, a decision was made to look back at the beginning, and there was found a refreshing and enlightening escape from the ever growing intricacies and nuance of game mechanics. I was brought back to the days when a character’s home town was the center of their life, when politics went as far as the town mayor and military strength was judged in tens rather than tens of thousands. I welcome the rats and goblins again with open arms, and to the dastardly Bargle I can only say… thank you.

This campaign will start at first level, using the character creation method detailed in the Red Box Dungeons and Dragons Players Manual. The setting, you ask?

“Your home town is just a small place with dirt roads….”

Let the adventure begin.

The Kingdom of Eros